Cosplay and Costume Party

Cosplay and Costume Party

Join us for a fun evening at our Cosplay and Costume Party! Come as your favorite character and show off your costume, whether it’s homemade or store-bought. Amateur and professional cosplayers are welcomed!

Whether you’re dressing up as a superhero, a Starfleet officer, an anime character, or one of the kids from your favorite TV show or movie, get ready to have a great time getting your cosplay on at this first class event!

Note: All costumes and accessories must adhere to local laws and facility rules. Real weapons are not allowed at the event.

Location: Varies by event. Our Cosplay and Costume Parties are held at indoor venues around the area, such as community centers or school multi-purpose rooms. Check our event calendar to see when and where the next Cosplay and Costume Party is being held.

Registration: Registration is $20.00. (Registration helps cover the cost of the venue, staff, decorations, food and entertainment)

Event Rules & Policies: Click here to view our Event Rules and Policies.

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