Girls Talk

Girls Talk

We’re hosting special, gender-specific group discussions for pre-teen and teen girls, called Girls Talk. All discussions will be age-appropriate and a variety of views may be shared in this informal, “open chat” forum. Girls will have an opportunity to air concerns and ask questions of adult women in a safe, accepting and nonjudgmental environment.

Youth can benefit from participation in group discussions a number of ways. Sharing ideas in a group setting can promote understanding of other viewpoints, provide new ideas and ways to deal with an issue, reduce or eliminate feelings of isolation (“I’m not alone”), and promote overall improved social, mental and emotional well-being.


Facilitators will be open to discussing anything the youth participants bring up, no matter how serious. Topics that may be discussed include sports, school, social media, friendship, depression, sexuality, dating, abuse, violence, homelessness, social injustice, mental health and wellness, self-harm and suicide.

About the Facilitators

Sessions are typically facilitated by one of our Leadership Team, Margaret Arsenault, and a volunteer, Megan Sladen-Parent.

Margaret is a mother, certified Youth Mental Health First Aider, a decorated military veteran, a business owner, former County DHHS employee at California Children’s Services, a former foster parent, and the Director of a local nonprofit.

Megan is a Resource Teacher, specializing in brief intervention counseling and bullying prevention projects. She has been an instructor for more than 20 years and holds a Masters Degree in School Counseling. She is also a certified instructor of Youth Mental Health First Aid.

Location: Most Girls Talk events are held at the Elk Grove Teen Center, but locations may vary. Visit our Events Calendar to find out when the next Girls Talk event is being held. Note: If this event is being held on the same date, time and location as a Girls Talk event, they will be held in separate rooms.


The registration fee is $10, to cover the cost of the venue, staff, and any materials/hand-outs. Note: This event requires a minimum of 10 registrations; if the minimum registration level is not reached the event will be canceled and any registration fees paid will be reimbursed.

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Nothing discussed by one of our staff or volunteers is intended to be a substitute for professional psychological, psychiatric or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of a mental or physical health problem, or for prescribing medication. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified mental health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or mental disorder. Although some staff and/or volunteers have received training as counselors/therapists or Youth Mental Health First Aid, any information provided for informational and educational purposes only. Face2Face assumes no responsibility for how the information provided is used. This is not a counseling or therapy service. Please review our full disclaimer here.

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