Background Checks

Face2Face Youth Group, Inc. takes seriously its responsibility to provide for the safety and security of the youth we serve, not to mention the confidence parents and guardians have that we will meet that responsibility.


Face2Face Youth Group, Inc. requires background checks of all volunteers who may provide supervision or direct contact with minors during Face2Face activities and events. The results of the background check must be received before volunteers may supervise or transport any youth at any Face2Face event.

Only cleared volunteers will be allowed to wear any Face2Face branded attire.

Scope of Background Checks

Background checks are conducted via fingerprints via Livescan submitted to the California Department of Justice, as well as communicating with applicant-provided references, and public information (including public records and social media).


Conviction of the commission or attempt of any violent or sexual crime against a minor (including abandonment, abuse, neglect, child pornography, sexual abuse, sexting, and statutory rape), whether a misdemeanor or a felony, shall disqualify an applicant or current volunteer.

Conviction of any non-violent/non-sexual felony may be grounds for disqualification, at the sole discretion of Face2Face Youth Group.

Disqualifying crimes include, but are not limited to, the following penal code sections: 220, 261, 261.5, 262, 270, 270.5, 271, 272, 273a, 273ab, 273d, or 273.5, 278, 278.5, 286(b)(2), any subsection of 288, 288.2, 288.3, 288.4, 288.5, 288.7, 288a(b)(2), 288a(c)(1), 288a(f), 289(a), 289(i), 289(j), 289.6(a), or any sex offense listed in Section 290. A conviction for a violation or attempted violation of an offense committed outside the State of California shall be included in this notice if the offense would have been a crime specified in this subdivision if committed in California.


Volunteer applicants are responsible for all fees involved in screening/Live Scan services. (The Applicant Fingerprint Processing Fee for nonprofit youth organizations listed by the Department of Justice as of July 2018, is $15. Source:

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