Behavior and Conduct

1. Intoxicants

Staff and volunteers are prohibited from the use, possession, or being under the influence of alcohol, any prescription drug categorized as a narcotic, or any illegal substances or drugs while at any of our Events or facilities, while traveling with youth, or while working with or supervising youth.

2. Nudity

Staff and volunteers shall never be nude in the presence of youth in their care. In the event there is a situation that may call for or contemplate the possibility of nudity (i.e. changing clothes during a pool party, weekend or overnight retreat, etc.), staff  member/volunteer will submit a plan for approval to his/her supervisor concerning arrangements for showering or changing clothes with adults and youth separate.

3. One-to-one Interactions With Youth

We recognize that meeting the emotional needs of youth may occasionally require staff member and volunteers to mentor or minister to them on an individual basis. Staff Members and volunteers should conduct one-to-one meetings with an individual youth at a time when their parent/guardian is present, if possible, or when at least one other adult Staff Member or Volunteer is present, and where interactions can be easily observed.

4. Transportation

Staff members and volunteers may from time to time be in a position to provide transportation for youth. The following guidelines should be strictly observed when workers are involved in the transportation of youth:

Youth should be transported directly to their destination. Unauthorized stops to a nonpublic place should be avoided. Best practices of Face2Face recommend two adults in every car. Never will there be a youth alone with an adult in a vehicle.

A. Staff members and volunteers should avoid physical contact with youth while in vehicles.

B. No cell phones may be utilized by the driver while driving Face2Face owned, leased or rented vehicles, unless in an emergency.

C. No drivers under age 25 may drive a Face2Face-owned, leased or rental vehicle.

5. Physical Contact

Face2Face Youth Group is committed to protecting youth at its events. To this end, Face2Face has implemented a Physical Contact policy which promotes a positive, nurturing environment for our youth programs. The following guidelines are to be carefully followed by anyone working or volunteering in the Face2Face Youth Group and Face2Face Events.

A. Side hugs, pats on the back and other forms of appropriate physical affection between staff members or volunteers and youth are important for youth’s development and are generally suitable in the Face2Face Event setting.

B. Inappropriate touching and inappropriate displays of affection are forbidden. Any inappropriate physical contact, touching or displays of affection should be immediately reported to an immediate supervisor, the Event Coordinator or the Leadership Team.

C. Physical contact should be for the benefit of the youth, and never be based upon the emotional needs of a staff member or volunteer.

D. Physical contact and affection should be given only in observable places or when in the presence of other youth or youth staff members and volunteers. It is much less likely that touch will be inappropriate or misinterpreted as such when physical contact is open to observation.

E. Physical contact in any form should not give even the appearance of wrongdoing. The personal behavior of Face2Face staff and volunteers of must foster trust at all times. Personal conduct must be above reproach.

F. Do not force any physical contact, touch or affection upon a reluctant youth. A youth’s preference not to be touched must be respected.

G. Face2Face staff and volunteers are responsible for protecting youth under their supervision from inappropriate or unwanted touch by others.

H. Any inappropriate behavior or suspected abuse by staff or volunteers must be reported immediately to an immediate supervisor, the Event Coordinator or the Leadership Team.

6. Sexually-Oriented Conversations

Face2Face staff members and volunteers are prohibited from engaging in any sexually oriented conversations with youth and are not permitted to discuss any inappropriate or explicit information about their own personal relationships, dating or sexual activities with any youth in the program.

It is expected, however, that from time to time Face2Face Youth Group discussions and lessons may address age-appropriate issues related to dating, sex and human sexuality. These lessons will convey to the youth the Face2Face Youth Group’s views on these topics. Participation in Face2Face classes and workshops is voluntary, and Parents/Guardians will be notified in advance of these lessons.

7. Sexually Oriented Materials

Face2Face staff members and volunteers are prohibited from possessing any sexually oriented materials, either printed or digital (magazines, cards, images, videos, films, images, computer files, etc.) on Face2Face property (whether owned, leased or rented), at Face2Face Events or in the presence of youth.

8. Tobacco

Face2Face Youth Group is a tobacco-free organization. Face2Face staff and volunteers shall abstain from the use or possession of tobacco products at Face2Face Events, and while in the presence of youth or their parents.

9. Verbal Interactions

Verbal interactions between Face2Face staff members or volunteers and youth should be positive and uplifting. Face2Face staff and volunteers should strive to keep verbal interactions encouraging, constructive, and be ever mindful of their mission of aiding parents in the personal growth and development of their youth. Therefore, Face2Face staff and volunteers should not talk or to (or otherwise communicate with) youth in a way that is or could be construed by any reasonable observer as harsh, threatening, intimidating, shaming, derogatory, demeaning, or humiliating. In addition, Face2Face staff and volunteers are expected to refrain from using profanity in the presence of youth.

Last Updated 12/08/2017

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