Cell Phones & Electronic Devices

1. Intent

The intent of this policy is to allow Youth participants (Youth) to be fully present at Face2Face Youth Group (Face2Face) Events (Events) and to encourage real-time interaction with other attendees (i.e., fellowship) without the distractions brought on by electronic devices.

2. No Cell Phone/Electronics Policy

Youth participants (Youths) may not possess a cell phone or other electronic device on their person, or in a container or garment in their control, while participating in an Event.

Youths must turn over cell phones and other electronic devices to a parent or legal guardian prior to entering an Event area and/or participating in an Event. Face2Face shall not be responsible for any cell phones.

3. Consequences of Violations

Youth found in possession of a cell phone or electronic device in violation of this policy for the first time will be asked to give the device to their Parent/Guardian for the during of the Event, until the designated cell phone / electronic device “free time” (see 5. below).

Youth violating this policy a second time may be asked to leave the Event. If a Youth participant is asked to leave a paid Event after it has begun for a violation of this policy, no refund shall be issued.

Youth violating this policy a third or subsequent time may be banned from future Events.

4. Exemptions

Electronic devices which are medical in nature and “ankle monitor” devices issued by law enforcement agencies, which are not devices primarily designed for entertainment, or other devices at the sole discretion of the Event Coordinator, are exempt from this rule.

5. Cell Phone / Electronic Device “Free Time”

Youth may have their cell phones or other electronic devices returned to them 15 minutes prior to the end of the Event or during any time designated by the Event Coordinator as “free time.” Youth are only permitted to use their cell phones during this “free time,” as it can become distracting to the community time we have together.

For Events not requiring Parents/Guardians to attend, Parents/Guardians will be provided phone contact information for the event to leave messages for their child or to contact them in case of emergency.

6. Adult Participants

Adult participants, including Parents and Guardians of Youths, may have one or more a cell phones or other electronic devices on their person, or in a container or garment in their control while participating in an Event.

7. Social Media Events

Events designated as “Social Media Events” are designed to include activities which encourage and/or require youth to use cell phones and electronics. These events are exempt from the standard “No Cell Phone/Electronics” policy and will be clearly identified in event promotions and marketing material and on the web site.


Cell Phones & Electronic Devices; Last updated 12/09/2017.

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