General Event Rules

1. Attendance

All youth and adult participants at each Event are expected to be present for that entire event. Any exceptions must be cleared in advance with Face2Face Youth Group.

2. Non-Discrimination

Events are open to all 10- to 14-year-old Youth and their Parent(s)/Guardian(s) (except where noted), regardless of sex/gender, sexual orientation, ethnic group, nationality, religious affiliation, or difference of ability.

3. Conduct

All youth and adult participants at each Event are expected to adhere to the Face2Face Behavior and Conduct policy. Any participant who refuses to comply with the Behavior and Conduct policy may be given a verbal warning, asked to leave the Event, or banned from future Events, depending on the severity of the violation, at the discretion of the Leadership Team.

4. Parent/Guardian Attendance

Unless otherwise stated in the Event description, Face2Face does not provide child care or individual child supervision at its Events.  Every Youth must have a Parent/Guardian present for the duration of the Event.

5. Customer Service/Assistance

For assistance, please contact Face2Face Youth Group at 916-572-4478 or via email at

6. Inclement Weather

In cases of inclement weather, check this website or call 916-572-4478 for updated information on postponements and/or cancellations of an outdoor Event.


Last updated 12/06/2017.

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