Youth Safety Policy

1. Abuse Tolerance

Face2Face Youth Group has a zero-tolerance policy for abuse in Face2Face programs and activities. It is the responsibility of every staff and volunteer of this organization to act in the best interest of youth in every program.

In the event that Face2Face staff or volunteers observe any inappropriate behaviors (i.e. policy violations, neglectful supervision, poor role-modeling, etc.) or suspected abuse (physical, emotional, or sexual) it is their personal responsibility to immediately report their observations to their immediate supervisor, the Event Coordinator, or a member of the Face2Face Youth Group Leadership Team (Leadership Team).

2. Reporting Suspicious or Inappropriate Behaviors

Face2Face Youth Group is committed to providing a safe, secure environment for youth and their families. To this end, any report of inappropriate behaviors or suspicions of abuse will be taken seriously and will be reported, in accordance with this policy and state law, to law enforcement, Child Protective Services, or other appropriate agency.

An element of the safe environment referenced above includes the fostering of a culture of reporting relevant information to a supervisor or a member of our Leadership Team. Because sexual abusers ‘groom’ youth for abuse, it is possible a staff member or volunteer may witness behavior intended to ‘groom’ a youth for sexual abuse. Staff members and volunteers are asked to report ‘grooming’ behavior, any policy violations, or any suspicious behaviors to a supervisor or a member of our Leadership Team.

3. Enforcement of Policies

Our staff members and volunteers who supervise other staff or volunteers are charged with the diligent enforcement of all our policies. Violations of these policies are grounds for immediate dismissal or disciplinary action for both volunteers and staff members. Final decisions related to policy violations will be the responsibility of the Leadership Team.


Youth Safety Policy; Last Updated 12/08/2017

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