Age Groups

We host events for kids of all ages. Most events are designed for a specific age group, however. Here are the age groups we serve.


F2F Youth Group for Kids logo

Face2Face for Kids events are designed for younger kids, aged 6-10. These events may involve learning as much as play, fostering the development of cognitive skills as well as social skills.


Face2Face for Tweens events are designed for pre-teens and younger teens, ages 10-14. These events involve mostly play, with some skill-building. Most events are designed for this age group.


F2F Youth Group for Teens logo

Face2Face for Teens events are designed for teenagers, aged 14-17. These events are designed with teenagers in mind. Activities include sporting events, discussion groups, informative workshops, and life skills classes.


You’ll notice there is some overlap of the ages. That’s because we know every child is different. One 10-year-old might do better participating in events with younger kids (6-10) while others may be ready to participate in events with older kids (10-14). That decision is left up to the parent or guardian.