Announcing New Pride Talk Events

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We’re excited to officially announce Pride Talk events, a new addition to our Teen Talk program! Pride Talk is a new group discussion event series for LGBT and questioning youth. (You can read our official press release here.)

We see Pride Talk as a natural expansion of the program. We have Boys Talk and Girls Talk events, which are gender-specific because there are some issues that are unique to each gender. By the same token, we know that LGBT youth face challenges and issues that non-LGBT or “straight” youth do not.

It has nothing to do with any agenda or being “politically correct.” We feel we owe it to all kids to provide resources to help them improve their emotional and social well-being, regardless of how they identify. Pride Talk provides a safe space, with LGBT volunteer facilitators, where kids who identify as LGBT can discuss topics they might be uncomfortable talking about in front of their non-LGBT peers.

To help make this as successful and positive a program as we could for the youth, we’ve reached out to LGBT community groups, such as the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, to support the Pride Talk program and provide guidance, as well to encourage volunteer facilitators from the LGBTQ community.

The new Pride Talk events will be held at the Teen Center USA and Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School. For the schedule and registration, visit the website at http://Face2FaceYouthGroup/pride-talk. And, as always, we appreciate you being part of the Face2Face family!

Mark & Margaret Arsenault
Face2Face Youth Group

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