JeoParody Game


Our JeoParody Game events are run like the television game show that they’re based on. Two to four teams (of one to five people each) compete in this speed round trivia game.

One contestant selects a category and value. The first contestant to buzz in gets to answer. The answer must be in the form of a question. If answered incorrectly, other contestants can buzz in to answer. A correct answer earns a point for that team.

Topics are all age-appropriate and popular with youth (e.g., popular books and movies, performing artists, etc.).

The JeoParody game template was created by Adam Alesbrook, a teacher. It’s recommended for 5th-grade and up. (You can download the game template here.)


Varies. Check our event calendar to see when and where the next JeoParody Game is being held.


Registration is $5. (Registration fees help pay for staff, equipment, and snacks.)

Event Rules & Policies

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