Remember going to the neighborhood drive-in or movie theater, getting snacks at the concession bar, then watching a cartoon short before the main feature? We sure do! Those were the days.

At our movie events, we recreate the experience, albeit in a different venue. Kids can come, hang out with friends, and experience a quality, licensed* recent or classic movie (rated PG-13 or below, of course).

Registration includes admission, one snack and one drink.


Varies. Check our event calendar to see when and where the next Movie event is being held.


Registration varies, depending on the movie being licensed, the venue, and other factors. Typical registration is $5 to $10.

Please note: We only show movies properly licensed for “public performance.” Failure to obtain permission before showing a movie at a public event is a violation of federal law and could land us in very hot water!

Event Rules & Policies

Click here to view our Event Rules and Policies.

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