Royalty Dance

Royalty Dance

A “Princess/Prince & Parent” dance, where the children and their parent or Guardian are treated like royalty!

It’s a take on the traditional “Daddy-Daughter Dance,” but for all genders. Fathers, mothers, or guardians can bring their son or daughter.

Decorated tables, ballroom music (as well as contemporary dance music), snacks and drinks all add to the atmosphere.

Additional activities at the dance may include:

  Rose for each participant or their guardian
  Photo booth (with costume & props avail for all)
  Punch & snacks table
  Photo op w/ printed “Castle” backdrop
  Hokey Pokey


Varies. Royalty Dance events are typically held at indoor venues such as recreation centers, teen centers, or school multi-purpose rooms. Check our event calendar to see when and where the next Royalty Dance is being held.


Registration is $20.

Event Rules & Policies

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