Speed Friending

Speed Friending

Our “Speed Friending” event is designed to get kids talking to each other “Face2Face” and to encourage them to meet new people their age.

It’s a fun way for youth to interact with new kids. The more participants there are at an event, the more likely your youth will connect with at least one other youth, making a new friend!

How it Works

Participants are seated in pairs and rotated each round, so that each participant interacts with everyone else over a series of short “interviews,” usually lasting about one minute.

During a round, each person (one at a time) tells the other four facts about themselves.

Favorite Food
Favorite Movie
One other interesting fact about them

If time remains before the end of the round, they can either continue talking or simply wait for the round to end.

At the end of each round, a bell or buzzer will sound to signal the participants to move on to the next person. Once everyone is settled into their new seat, the moderator will call for the next pair of “interviews” to begin.

By the end of the event, participants will have “interviewed” every other attendee.


Varies. Check our event calendar to see when and where the next Speed Friending event is being held.


Registration is $5 (Free for Elk Grove Teen Center members; contact EGTC staff for discount code). Registration fees help pay for staff, materials, and snacks.

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Event Rules & Policies

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