Do you want to help improve the improve the social and emotional wellbeing of youth in our community? If the answer is “Yes!” then volunteer with us! Adults from a variety of backgrounds are needed to act as event facilitators, role models and mentors to today’s youth.

Our events can require a lot of work to pull off. Carrying water jugs to the field, unloading snack and sports equipment, setting up lights, or any number of other activities.

Our current volunteer positions include:

Ambassador – Our volunteers are a tremendously valuable resource in helping us get the word out about Face2Face Youth Group and what we do to help youth. Volunteer ambassadors work two or more hours staffing our booth at a community event, such as the Elk Grove Western Festival and the Multicultural Festival.

Class Facilitator – We host a number of one-day workshops and multi-session classes, like watercolor painting and drawing, and we can always use volunteers to facilitate them or to allow us to add new ones to our schedule. 2 hours per event.

Group Discussion Facilitator – We need volunteers to help us facilitate gender-specific group discussions for boys and girls, aged 10-17. Must be at least 21 years old. 2 hours per event.

Referee – We are hosting youth sporting events, such as kickball, flag football, soccer, and others. We need referees and umpires for these games! It’s a great way to get to know people in the community and do outreach for a local nonprofit. 2 hours per event.

Have an idea? – We know that the best ideas come from other passionate, engaged people like you. If you have a new idea for something you’d like to do to help improve the social and emotional well-being of youth, we’re all ears!

Background Checks

Children are our most valuable resource. We recognize the importance of the trust parents and guardians place in us by allowing their children to participate in our events. Most of us are parents ourselves. That’s why we require all volunteers to undergo a background check. We use Verified Volunteers as our background check service. Verified Volunteers’ background checks comply with all federal and state background screening laws.

Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an email from Verified Volunteers with a message from us.


We’re going green! If you would like to help us by volunteering a few hours of your time, please let us know by completing the online application below. We will review it and get back to you right away! Once your information is received, we will send you a response with an invitation to complete a background check.

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