Youth & Social Media

Youth & Social Media

Discover hidden dangers on the Internet, how to monitor your child’s online activities, and tips to make your child safer online.

This two-day Youth & Social Media workshop, also known as “What Your Kids Wish You Didn’t Know,” aims to inform and educate parents about the issues youth face when interacting in the online world through social media.

Day One is for parents only. On Day Two, kids 10 and older are welcome, so bring your kids!

Below is an outline of the two-day workshop.

DAY ONE (Parents only)


Times Have Changed
Then and Now: Technology
Generation Z

The Teenage Brain
Acceptance and peer pressure
Normalization of abnormal behavior

What Kids Are Up To
What kids are searching for
Where Kids are Looking
  a) Google
  b) YouTube
What kids are posting online
  a) Text/Comments
  b) Memes
  c) Videos

Social Media Platforms
Other social media
  a) YouTube
  b) Kik

Hidden Dangers on the Internet
Sexual content
Suicide and Death
__ Challenges
Urban Legends (Slenderman, et al.)

Making Your Child Safer Online
Getting involved
Monitoring Your Child’s Online Activities
Recording activity
Parental Controls
Setting rules/guidelines

 DAY TWO (w/kids)


What We Taught Your Parents (Overview)

What Are Kids Are Up To (Survey)
What’s the most popular…?
What are you searching for?
Where are you looking?
What social media do you use?
Who knows about secret apps
Are you aware of…?

The Biggest Risks to Being Online

How Much is Too Much?

How Can You Be Safer Online?
Getting your parents involved
Communication and Trust
Balancing Safety with Privacy
Setting reasonable rules/guidelines
Following Your Gut

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