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YouthMAX Plus is the exciting John Maxwell Team youth leadership program for the John Maxwell Team, featuring YouthMAX Plus Ambassador, Nick Vujicic.

Inspired by leadership principles of John Maxwell, YouthMAX Plus inspires and equips young people to value themselves and others, by developing and maintaining a positive self-image, showing compassion to others, persevering in the midst of adversity, and creating a daily routine of successful attitudes and behavior. Through engaging and interactive sessions facilitated by a Certified John Maxwell Team Member, youth of various ages will learn how self-leadership allows them to be a positive influence with their family, teachers and peers.

“Youth are not the generation of tomorrow, they are the generation of today!”
– John C Maxwell

Mark Arsenault and John C Maxwell
Mark T. Arsenault with John C. Maxwell.

The new YouthMAX Plus with Nick Vujicic program consists of 5 facilitator-led sessions that include lessons and activities for YouthMAX Kids (ages 8-11) and YouthMAX Teens (12-18). Each leadership topic is introduced by Nick Vujicic in a video. Each video lesson is supplemented with an exercise (facilitated by a John Maxwell Team member) that is designed to allow students to apply each leadership principle.

YouthMAX Plus Leadership Lessons

3 Important Letters – Y.O.U. >> Leadership Lesson: Positive Self Image
Your True Strength >> Leadership Lesson: Identity and Knowing Your Strengths
The Kind Connection >> Leadership Lesson: Helping and Adding Value to Others
Failure Is Important to Success >> Leadership Lesson: Overcoming Failure
5 Steps of Success >> Leadership Lesson: Daily Success and Growth Habits


The YouthMAX Plus program is offered exclusively by John Maxwell Team members. Contact us if you’d like Mark Arsenault to facilitate this program with your group!

To support our YouthMAX Plus program, learn how you can get involved and make a difference.

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