Our Sponsors

The following are sponsors and supporters of Face2Face Youth Group, providing financial or in-kind support for our group. We encourage you to show your appreciation by patronizing these businesses.


Gold Rush Publishing: Award-winning publisher of books and games, including Beyond, Control Measures, and The Truth About Self-publishing Your Book, and Semicolon; Memoir of a Colon Cancer Survivor. They also do contract graphic design and website design work.  GoldRushPub.com


Puzzle Book Fundraiser imagePuzzle Book Fundraiser: Earn money for your school’s PTA from the sales of our Mad Learning Puzzle Books! Your PTA earns a generous 40% of each book sale! Give your child a fun activity and support your local PTA at the same time!  PuzzleBookFundraiser.com


MarkTruth.com: Mark Arsenault is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker, and a published author. He also co-founded the Face2Face Youth Group, is a board member of A Self-help Assistance Program, and Executive Director of Success Reentry Solutions.  MarkTruth.com




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