Use of School Facilities Approved

Coming to a school near you

Our application to the Elk Grove Unified School District for use of school facilities has been approved! We initiated our application just last month, and we received district approval just this afternoon.

We’ll continue to offer Teen Talk and other events at the Teen Center USA. We’re moving ahead with our plans to expand our Teen Talk program by offering additional events at local schools, beginning with Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School.

Be sure to check our event calendar to see which events are coming up!

Teen Talk program featured in Elk Grove Citizen

We’d like to give a giant, heartfelt “Thank you!” to Monica Stark for the wonderful article in the latest issue of the Elk Grove Citizen, titled “A Talk from the Heart.” The article focuses on our new Teen Talk program and the good it’s doing for youth in our community.

There was a great mention of the Teen Center USA as well as pictures of TC Site Mentor Jerome Smoot, Face2Face volunteer Bobby Uppal, our own Mark Arsenault, Margaret Arsenault and the girls, too!

Make sure to check it out, and tell the Elk Grove Citizen that you appreciate them covering local organizations like ours!

Anti-Bullying Workshop for Teens, Nov 3

Register your middle-schooler or teen for our 2-1/2 hour Anti-Bullying Workshop, being held on November 3rd, from 12:00 Noon to 3:00 pm at the Teen Center USA.

Teens and pre-teens will be treated to lunch, be able to speak with other our special panel members, including Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly and Lydia Ajay of Ajay’s Karate. Then they will spend an hour learning simple but effective self-defense techniques from 4th-degree black belt Lydia Ajay!

For information and to register, go to

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Join Us at Boys Talk this Friday

The next Boys Talk event is happening this Friday evening at the Teen Center USA. Boys Talk is part of our new Teens Talk program. Boys Talk is a group discussion for teen and pre-teen boys, facilitated by adult men, in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

You might have heard about it through your school or in the media. KFBK has even run several news stories on us!

Register your son, step-son, grandchild, nephew, ward, or foster child, for this amazing event that’s making a difference in young peoples’ lives.

For more information and to register, visit our website at

Face2Face Interviewed on KFBK

Your friendly neighborhood Face2Face Youth Group Leadership Team was interviewed by Joe Michaels, of Sacramento’s own News Radio 1530 KFBK.

Michaels interviewed CEO Margaret Arsenault and Director Mark Arsenault about the upcoming Girls Talk event, as well as National Suicide Prevention Month.

If you didn’t catch the stories when they aired yesterday (or you’d like to hear them again), we’ve posted recordings of both stories here.

Below are the transcripts from both stories:


Face2Face Story #1 on Newstalk 1530 KFBK (09/19/2018)

Joe Michaels: The Face2Face Youth Group holds monthly discussions – one for boys, another for girls – allowing teens to discuss concerns with each other and adults in a non-judgmental environment.

Mark Arsenault: Our mission is to improve the emotional and social well-being of youth, by encouraging kids to spend less time on electronics. Cell phones and tablets and what not.

Joe Michaels: Director Mark Arsenault says the gatherings help improve teens’ social, mental, and emotional health.

Mark Arsenault: By being able to communicate their ideas, their feelings, in front of peers, they get to not only hear other people talk about things that they might be afraid to bring up, it also encourages them to talk to others.

Joe Michaels: In recognition of National Suicide Prevention Month, Face2Face is making Friday’s Girl Talk session free for those who pre-register online with the discount code F2FFAMILY. Joe Michaels. News Radio KFBK.


Face2Face Story #2 on Newstalk 1530 KFBK (09/19/2018)

Joe Michaels: The Face2Face Youth Group aims to improve the emotional and social well-being of teens by encouraging kids to spend less time on their cell phones and electronic devices, and more on in-person, offline activities.

Mark Arsenault: That can range from classes, sports activities, group discussions… Anything to get kids interacting in person, outside of the school environment, so they can have more natural, face-to-face interactions.

Joe Michaels: Director Mark Arsenault says the nonprofit offers monthly discussions; one for boys, another for girls.

Mark Arsenault: It’s really an open forum. The kids can talk about whatever they want. We know that youth might be more comfortable discussing certain things with trusted adults other than their parents.

Joe Michaels: This Friday’s Girl Talk session is being offered free to those who pre-register online with the discount code F2FFAMILY. Joe Michaels, News Radio KFBK.