Screen time and kids: Setting limits for better health

So, how can you help your kids develop healthy digital habits? 

Spending too much time on devices — whether it’s playing video games, watching television, searching the internet, or even engaging with “educational” apps — can be harmful to a young child’s physical and mental health. Kate Land, MD, a pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente’s Vacaville Medical Center and author of the Thriving Families blog, notes that children who spend more time looking at screens are more likely to be overweight and have disrupted sleep. Read more..

CA Assembly Committee on Education Passes AB8

The California Assembly Committee on Education passed Assembly Bill 8 (Chu) – Mental Health Services in K-12 Schools, as amended, this morning. There were four 4 aye votes. The bill is now headed to the California Assembly Committee on Health.

The Bill, which is sponsored by Mental Health America of California (MHAC), requires every K-12 school campus in the state to have mental health professionals assigned there, at a ratio of one mental health professional for every 400 students.

According to an MHAC email, the recommendation that led to this bill came directly from the California Youth Empowerment Network youth board. 

“This is a direct request from young people,” the email states. “They want mental health support at school. We must step up and honor their request.”

Elk Grove Unified Announces Launch of New Online Incident Reporting System With 24/7 Access for Students and Parents

The Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) announces the launch of a new online Incident Reporting System that offers students, parents and community members a web accessible method to report incidents of bullying, discrimination and/or harassment, harm to school and/or property or harm to self. In July of 2018, the Board of Education supported student and parent requests for the need of a more private and trackable district wide incident reporting system and gave the District direction to secure such a system. The Board of Education approved a district wide available system that will track and notify school officials about online reported incidents of bullying, discrimination or harassment, harm to school/property or harm to self.

The Incident Reporting System can be accessed from anywhere online through a unique link located on every school’s website. For emergencies and/or urgent situations requiring immediate help, people will still be encouraged to call 911 or contact EGUSD’s Safety and Security office at (916) 686-7786.

When making an online report in the new Incident Reporting System, it will not be necessary to enter one’s name or identity, however, there is an option to provide identification and contact information in order to communicate with the Incident Response Team. Photos and links to video can be submitted with a report.

The types of issues that can be reported through the online Incident Reporting System are:

  • Bullying – Bullying includes verbal, non-verbal, physical or emotional acts against another student either in person, via electronic device or online.
  • Damage or Harm to School or Property – Damage or harm to school property includes intentional destruction to the school or school property in a harmful or malicious manner.
  • Discrimination or Harassment – Discrimination or Harassment includes acts against another person on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, age, or personal beliefs either in person, via electronic device or online.
  • Harm to Self or Others – Harm includes intent or desire to injure yourself or others.

Incident reports made on the Incident Reporting System are received by administration when they are submitted and reports are reviewed as soon as possible. All reports are taken seriously and are acted upon in a timely manner. As each incident is different, each will warrant a different reaction and timeline for action and can be as thorough as the information provided.

The Elk Grove Unified School District is committed to providing a safe, secure and healthy environment that allows every Student to be learning in every classroom, in every subject, every day. The district believes that students and staff have the right to be free of bullying, threats, intimidation and harassment while on our campuses or participating in or being associated with any school/district related activity. In Elk Grove Unified, the community is encouraged that “if you see something, or know something, to say something.” If students, parents or community members witness something, please report the issue to the school or use the new EGUSD Incident Reporting System.

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AB-8 Mental Health Services in K-12 Schools

Attend the Assembly Committee on Education Hearing

  • Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2019
  • Time: 9:30 a.m.
  • Location: State Capitol, Room 437

Read letter from Mental Health America of California…

Hello Friends,

Mental Health America of California (MHAC) is proud to be sponsoring AB 8 (Chu) which requires there be at least one mental health professional on all K-12 campuses.

The recommendation that lead to this bill came directly from the California Youth Empowerment Network youth board.  This is a direct request from young people. They want mental health support at school. We must step up and honor their request. 

Taking action is easy, here are several ways you can help!

Send a Letter of Support

Please note, although the deadline has passed for submitting a letter to the Education Committee for this hearing, letters will still be filed.

Please complete the sample support letter (linked below) and send it to:

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Attend the Assembly Committee on Education Hearing

  • Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2019
  • Time: 9:30 a.m.
  • Location: State Capitol, Room 437

PLEASE NOTE: Hearing agendas are subject to change, please allow enough time to arrive at the start of the hearing and plan to stay until the bill is heard. Depending on the number and order of the bills being heard, this could be up to 3-4 hours or longer.

Share this message widely!

AB-8 Reference Material Links:

Talk soon,

Zima Creason, MBA President & CEO

Face2Face Supports the JJ’s Hello Fund Community Walk

We had a great time meeting some beautiful people at the JJ’s Hello Foundation Community Walk at Monterey Trail High School, helping raise awareness about youth suicide.

JJ’s Hello Foundation is a wonderful cause. We were honored to be a part of sharing the message of youth mental health and suicide awareness.

It was our honor and privilege to participate in such a wonderful event. They’re doing a great job. Can’t wait to see it grow and reach even more people next year!

Here’s a news story Fox 40 did on the event. You can see it here.

You can check out some pictures we took at the event below.