Organizers Visit the Sacramento River Cats

Mark & Margaret visit River Cats 01
Scouting a potential event site!

Today the organizers of Face2Face Youth Group, Mark and Margaret Arsenault, got a tour of Raley Field, home of the Sacramento River Cats!

Erika Busch, Account Executive for Group Events at the ball club, was our host and tour guide. She showed us all around the stadium, including the club deck and suites, the Home Run Terrace, premier seating areas, and more.

The Home Run Terrace would make a great location for a future Face2Face Youth Group gathering at a River Cats game! It’s got seating on concrete, a grassy area for the kids to play and hang out in, plus it’s next to the beer garden, and includes all-you-can-eat BBQ!

We enjoyed our tour and collected a lot of information from Erika, who deserves a big shout out and “Thank you!” She was a wonderful and cordial host for today’s tour of the facilities.

I’ve posted a few photos from the tour below.

Mark & Margaret visit River Cats 02
It’s quite a view from the club deck.
Mark & Margaret visit River Cats 03
The Home Run Terrace.
Mark & Margaret visit River Cats 04
Mark Arsenault, Erika Busch, and Margaret Arsenault.

Face2Face Youth Group Launched!

We are proud to announce the soft launch of the Face2Face Youth Group!

The Face2Face Youth Group is for parents of pre-teens and early teens (ages 10-14) looking for “offline” social activities and events for their kids.

The group was created by Mark and Margaret Arsenault, who make up the group’s Leadership Team, the primary organizers and promoters of the group.

“For the first time in generations, our kids aren’t learning how to socialize in person,” Mark said. “These days, too many young people have their face buried in a cell phone or other electronic device. Let’s get our kids together, have fun, and encourage them to interact the ‘old-fashioned way,’ Face2Face!”

Face2Face is going to “keep it real” for them: Kids may not bring cell phones or other electronics to our events. Parents, of course, may have cell phones. We don’t want them to miss the opportunity to take pictures and post about our events on social media!

“It may take a little adjustment for many of the kids,” Mark said, “but pretty soon, they’ll realize they don’t need them to have fun and meet other interesting people their age!”

Face2Face has already been communicating with important community stakeholders, including a local school district, regional sports franchises, area businesses and more.

To learn more about Face2Face Youth Group, we encourage you to come to one of two Meet & Greet events we have scheduled for December.

For more information, visit our Web site at

You can also find us on Meetup, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube!